Homegrown Assist App

Your mobile phone has evolved into a phone, a camera, a computer and more. Now you can use it to protect yourself.

The Homegrown Assist App turns your phone into a panic button, giving you access to emergency and support services 24/7. The Homegrown Assist App is available on Android & Apple.

Our 5 services are aimed at catering for any kind of emergency thinkable, from serious incidents like missing persons, accidents and medical problems, to more common emergencies like getting lost or locking your keys in your car. Our overall aim is to provide you with a “Big Brother” to support you to the end, whatever your emergency.

When will you use these services? On a daily basis.

The consumer’s critical reliance on our services is underscored by the experience of the founder of The Homegrown Assist App Deon Venter : “After being stuck next to the road for 4 hours, the idea of a user friendly, GPS driven The Homegrown Assist App came to me. Although I knew I had been subscribed to “roadside assistance” through either my insurance or a credit card or other account, my experience turned out to be a nightmare.

Firstly, I didn’t have an idea of whom to call. I Google’d my insurance company’s number and after about seven calls, I got through to the emergency call centre. Although they were efficient and immediately dispatched roadside assistance services, my ordeal was far from over. I was unable to provide an exact address and it took the assist guys another 2 hours to find me.

I tried to determine our own GPS location from my mobile phone – more than a challenge I would say! The format of the GPS co-ordinates was strange to the assist people we ended up trying to find a GPS converter on the internet. What a mess! Luckily we weren’t in imminent danger and didn’t experience some form of medical or other emergency – that would have been the end of us. Why couldn’t we just push a button on our phone that would do all the work for us?”

Panic Button

At the core of The Homegrown Assist App is “Panic Button”.

Once you press the Panic Button, The Homegrown Assist App determines your exact location via your phone’s internal GPS as long as your device’s GPS is enabled. These GPS co-ordinates are sent to our emergency call centre together with a distress signal. Our highly trained and proficient call centre staff will then attend to your every need.

The call centre will contact you within seconds of you pressing the Panic Button on the app. If you do not answer, our emergency protocol is activated. This includes contacting your next of kin in case where we get no response from you. Depending on the feedback from your next of kin, we can relay information and your GPS co-ordinates to the SAPS.

Roadside Assistance

You have access to the following services in the event of a roadside emergency:

 Please note:: Limited up to R500 per incident. The replacement of any parts or accessories will be your own account:

  • Flat battery
  • Flat tyre
  • Keys locked in your vehicle
  • Fuel assistance (5 litre)
  • Minor roadside repairs

We will assist in relaying urgent messages for you.

Tow-in service to the nearest approved dealership (if under warranty) or repair centre in the event of:

  • Mechanical breakdown – limited to R1 000 per incident
  • Electrical breakdown – limit to R1 000 per incident
  • Accident damage – cost covered to the nearest approved panel beater up to a limit of R1850

For breakdowns further than 100km from your primary place of residence we will:

  • Pay up to R850 for overnight accommodation for you.


  • Pay up to R500 for 24-hour, Group-B car rental (subject to availability and you being in possession of a valid credit card and drivers license)

In the event of your vehicle being left for repairs after a breakdown further than 100km from the member s primary place of residence, we will:

  • Pay up to R500 for 24-hour, Group-B car rental (subject to availability and you being in possession of a valid credit card and drivers license)


  • Pay up to R500 towards a flight ticket for the member to collect the vehicle after repairs.


  • Should the vehicle have been towed to a dealership closer to your place of residence, we will supplement the additional towing costs up to R500 (on condition that the car rental or flight ticket options above were not utilized)

Please Note: Any costs that are incurred through arrangements made independently will not be reimbursed.

Overall Roadside limit of R5 000 per policy, per annum.*Please note: This service excludes all vehicles over 3 500kg, trailers, caravans and boats. You will not be entitled to this service where the vehicle is not in a roadworthy condition. Any costs incurred through arrangements made by yourself without prior authorization will not be reimbursed. Assistance is only available in South Africa.

EMS Assistance

In the event of any medical emergency, once contact is made with the Homegrown Call Centre, an on-duty manager will immediately dispatch an appropriate road or air ambulance which is staffed by qualified emergency medical care practitioners.  Once at the scene of the incident, life-saving support will be provided to you, and where relevant, you will be stabilized before being transferred to the closest, most appropriate medical facility.

This services also includes the following :

  • Inter-hospital transfer
  • Medical repatriation
  • Escorted return of minors
  • Compassionate visits
  • Medical advice and information
  • Emergency telephonic advice and information, 24/7
  • Referrals to crisis lines
  • Referrals to medical practitioners and facilities
  • Trauma Counseling

Legal Assistance

Unlawful arrests and victimization by law enforcement officers are a commonplace occurrence. People are locked up with stringent bail conditions. The man on the street doesn’t necessarily have immediate access to a lawyer not even to mention a lawyer that is skilled in criminal litigation. Homegrown Assist will provide this legal service. The call centre receiving the distress signal will then react by calling you and confirming the need for a lawyer. The call centre will then dispatch an approved lawyer to the relevant police station to assist you and if possible to apply for bail (bail costs will be for the insured’s account). The lawyer will be at the police station within 3 hours after the arrest. You will have to pay the lawyer a reduced fee of R2 000 for this service. Thereafter, you may appoint the lawyer in his/her personal capacity to further assist, should the need arise. Homegrown Assist can be used for any other legal assistance, however you will still be required to pay the reduced fee of R2 000 (no telephonic advice will be given).


In the event of a home emergency at your primary place of residence, we will arrange for an appropriate repairer to address the problem.

Please note: All parts and materials used are excluded and will be for your own account. This service includes the call-out fee and first hour of labour, thereafter normal rates will apply for your own account.

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Locksmith
  • Glazier
  • Pest Control