Our Values

Be true...
Be true to yourself, to your heritage, to your culture, to your clients and to your service providers. Be true in everything you do.

Our Vision

Homegrown's vision is to be the largest locally owned diversified services provider in South Africa, by virtue of our people, partnership and performance.

Our Solutions

Homegrown is an innovative fully diversified privately owned company that brings unique Homegrown solutions to our clients and service providers.

Our Team

The core team at the Homegrown Network have extensive experience in Strategic Management, Data Analytics, Lead Generation, Sales, Customer Service,
Quality Assurance and Systems Development.

Riaz Cassim
Cathy Kotze
Zubair Shaikh
Sazini Ndlovu
Sam Isaacson
Exco Member
Adele Kruger
Special Projects
Ashwin Govender
Karen Potgieter
Client Services
Hein Kotze
Keith Varuthan
Head Of Distribution

Our Partners